This page will be re-named and will now be used to highlight and campaigns and/or petitions which are in any way related to driven grouse shooting.

Ban driven grouse shooting

Grouse shooting for 'sport' depends on intensive habitat management which increases flood risk and greenhouse gas emissions, relies on killing Foxes, Stoats, Mountain Hares etc in large numbers and often leads to the deliberate illegal killing of protected birds of prey including Hen Harriers. Driven grouse shooting uses animals for live target practice, with thousands killed every day. Native predators are killed because they eat Red Grouse. Mountain Hares are killed because they carry ticks that can spread diseases to grouse. Heather is burned to increase Red Grouse numbers for shooting. Grouse shooting is economically, ecologically and socially unnecessary. This is 'canned hunting'. Supported by Eduardo Gonçalves, CEO of League Against Cruel Sports, Chris Packham and Bill Oddie.

Ban toxic lead ammunition

Lead is a poison. Its continued use in ammunition poisons tens of thousands of birds each year and puts human health at risk. Safe, non-toxic ammunition is used in countries across the world. The UK supports an international agreement to ban lead ammunition. We should ban its use immediately. Lead is well known to be toxic and has been removed from petrol and paint, with legal limits set in most foods, except game. Spent shot can be eaten by wildlife, needlessly causing death and suffering. Lead bullets and shot can fragment, with potential risk to the health of humans that frequently consume wild-shot game. The Food Standards Agency advises frequent consumers of wild game to eat less, especially children and pregnant women who are particularly vulnerable to the effects of lead.


TO: MARK SPENCER MP Stop receiving gifts from grouse shooting lobbyists and lend your support to the national campaign to ban driven grouse shooting. Why is this important? Mark Spencer MP recently received a free grouse shooting weekend courtesy of lobbying group British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). We are, in turn, asking our MP to stop accepting gifts from shooting lobbyists and from now on support a ban on the damaging practice of driven grouse shooting. There are many very good reasons for banning driven grouse shooting: -Government subsidies support this practice (at a time when everywhere else is feeling the brunt of cuts: why aren't millionaire landowners?); -the illegal killing of grouse predators (especially the hen harrier, which is now almost extinct in England due to persecution on grouse moors); -grouse moors are extensively 'managed' in such a way that causes far higher flood risks downriver; -increased water pollution (which inflates our water bills- there is evidence that bills would be cheaper if the rich man's driven grouse shooting was banned); -increased greenhouse gas emissions due to the practice of burning the moors to keep a habitat that boosts grouse numbers; -millions of birds are killed each year.

Strengthen law to protect the UK's birds of Prey & not issue licences to cull.

Over 50 years ago a law was introduced to protect the UK's birds of prey. Friday 13th of November 2015 saw a High Court judge, Mr Justice Ouseley, open the doors for the possible culling of our native Buzzards that threaten the profits of Pheasant shoots. This can't be allowed to happen. This ruling will encourage more gamekeepers to submit more applications to kill buzzards ‘to protect’ their pheasants. It doesn’t mean that all licence applications will be successful, as each case will still have to be assessed on its individual circumstances and all tests will still have to be met (e.g. has the gamekeeper done everything else in his/her power to solve the perceived problem?). Raptor Persecution Scotland Blog Let's make the law clear, No Killing, full stop.